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How to Ear Party



Rule 1: You can totally party with a single piercing

To get the look of multiple earrings with only one piercing, try a no-piercing-required ear cuff (or three!), which pairs  oh-so-well with delicate hoops or studs.

Rule 2: Choose earrings with meaning

Your the host of your Ear Party, so choose pieces with personal significance to you, whethers it a little sparkle lilke the Siona Pave Huggie to represent your energy, or a little spike like the Akila Pave Huggie that speaks to your creativity and drive for growth. The Huggie Collection is full of tiny, narrative charms that you can use to tell your own story.

Rule 3: The Rule of Three is your friend

You know how things arranged in odd numbers just seems more appealing? This is just as true on your ear. Try an odd number of earrinings - three, five, or even seven, if your being bold- for a look with that cool-girl je ne sais quoi.

Rule 4: Its a Party- so be Bold and Mix it up! 

Keeping all of your jewelry in the same metal looks elegantly pulled together, but don't be afraid to break color and mix your metals. You're creating your own Ear Party. So this is your chance to mix gold with silver- and to shake things up with gems of different colors and shapes. Go on, live a little. 

Rule 5: The last rule of the Ear Partying is that there are no rules

Think of building your ear stack as playtime. Remember you can change up your look everyday if you'd like - so stack your ear like you live your life: with no regrets.